Poop Coffee ( Civet Coffee ) – World's most expensive coffee

Civet Coffee or Poop Coffee is the world's most unique, expensive and rare coffee.

What is Poop Coffee?

What is Poop Coffee?

Poop Coffee is the more popular name for coffee otherwise known as Civet Coffee. Civet coffee is derived from the feces of a cat-like animal called the Civet. The Civets primary diet is coffee fruits, which it eats and defecates partly digested remains of the fruits. Usually what is found in the feces are the inner seeds of the fruit which are the coffee beans. These beans are then brewed into delicious coffee.

The fruit that is eaten by the civets is known as the coffee cherry. The civets savor the pulp that wraps the inner seed. (Coffee bean)

Civets have will only eat perfectly ripe coffee cherries. This ensures that the inner seed is of very high quality when the droppings of the animal are collected.

While the Civet is digesting the fruit a unique chemical process occurs within the animals’ stomach transforming the beans to create exotic flavors and aromas.

The majority of the Civet coffee consumed around the world originates from Sumatra, where the primary habitat of the Civet is located. The coffee also comes from Indonesia where it has been given the name Kopi Luwak. Civet Coffee is also popular in the Philippines where it is known as Kape Alamid and in Cordillera where it is known as Motit Coffee.